Fingerprinting Services In Las Vegas


There are many times in life when you will be required to submit your fingerprints. These could for obtaining a medical license, an insurance license or a child identification kit. Employers may also require potential employees to submit their fingerprints to be used for background checks before employment. There are two primary techniques by which your fingerprints can be collected. One is the ink fingerprinting and the other is the Livescan fingerprinting.

Different agencies and employers have different fingerprinting requirements. These requirements determine the technique that will be used to collect your fingerprints. However, there are still other reasons why a person would choose one fingerprinting technique over the other. Ink fingerprinting is the oldest method of collecting fingerprints. This method uses ink and fingerprint hard cards to submit fingerprints. The biggest shortcoming of ink fingerprinting is that it is very slow. The fingerprints have to be mailed to state agencies and results for background checks could take months. Another shortcoming is the risk of poor quality prints. Poor quality prints lead to rejection and one has to submit a fresh set of prints. Finally, ink printing is messy. Learn more about fingerprinting at

Livescan on the hand is fast. It is an inkless technology that processes notary reno and sends them directly to the FBI or other state agencies making it possible to get the results of background checks in days. Employers prefer the electronic submission system because it is the fastest and the prints and results are transmitted through a secure portal. It is not messy as it does not use ink. The only shortcoming with Livescan technology is that it cannot be used over state lines. Out of state fingerprints have to be mailed.

Fingerprints are usually viable for between six and twelve months. This means that one person may have to apply for fingerprints more than once in a year. This causes a congestion that makes it too hard for the police and other agencies to handle all the fingerprinting las vegas needs. To fill this gap, private companies are contracted to do the fingerprinting. This makes the process faster and more efficient. Fingerprinting Express is one of the private fingerprinting companies with locations in Nevada. If your employer or the FBI asks for your fingerprints, visit Fingerprinting Express and they will use their high-resolution equipment to give you high-quality prints. They are a leader in the fingerprinting industry. They have experience and expertise that has enabled them eliminate operator errors and other reasons why fingerprints could be rejected. Let Fingerprinting Express handle all your fingerprinting in Las Vegas.


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